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the partners

As a small consulting business, we often work with other small firms and leverage a dynamic network of co-conspirators:


Jared’s former firm, the place where it all began. The folks at Cadmus do a ton of super work in the environmental sphere. They spend a lot of time helping EPA implement programs related energy efficiency, water quality, indoor air quality and much more.

Catalyst 2030

We team with Corey Weathers under the Catalyst 2030 umbrella on a variety of projects. Catalyst 2030 works with property owners and managers, along with service providers, utilities and local governments to advocate for and coordinate resource efficiency within the built environment.


Our former office-mates do wonderful public relations and marketing work for a wide array of environmental programs and organizations. And even better, Jared’s wife leads their creative team.


Zac West runs a small design firm that is uniquely positioned to help both large and small companies build their strategy, industrial design and sourcing. While mostly focused in outdoor recreation markets, IDeology also dabbles in medical devices and travel gear.


Bob Gunn has designed a new way to catch energy efficiency and it rocks. Seinergy cuts through the current system of confusing utility incentives by working directly with home performance contractors to document energy savings. Seinergy then bundles lots of residential projects and sells these savings to utilities.

Switchyard Media

Gary Seidman, leads a small crew of writers and producers who create infographics, motion graphics, and slide shows for media outlets and organizations.

Synthesis Consultants

Thor Peterson is a talented veteran of the green building industry, and has logged stints at Cascadia Green Building Council and on the City of Seattle’s Green Building team. Thor and Jared teamed to develop and launch AIA’s Seattle’s AIA+2030 continuing education program. Thor also helped develop the STAR Community Rating System.