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What are those MBA’s up to?

This past Saturday afternoon offered several exciting opportunities. Most importantly, I met up with 40 or so of my fellow MBA alums from BGI (Bainbridge Graduate Institute). We collected a nice mix of graduates from most classes (operating since 2002), and organized approximately 10 short presentations about what folks were doing professionally. I volunteered 5 minutes to discuss the latest news at Silliker + Partners, along with some lessons learned over the past year. My abbreviated list:

  1. It only takes a couple days to make a website
  2. The bureaucracy and inefficiencies within LEED is significant (stay tuned for more on this in future posts)
  3. Ideas are only ideas without stellar execution
  4. Volunteer time can be both valuable and a time sink

A few of the other presenting organizations: Tango Card, Ecotality, Tangerine Power, GoBox. We were hosted at McKinstry’s Innovation Center (shown here) in South Seattle by EcoFab, which is run by three BGI alums. It’s quite the impressive place, and houses several exciting companies.