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What did Bill have to say?

As one friend said, 3 years ago barely a thousand people even knew what Climate Solutions was! Yesterday morning, more than 1,300 folks turned out for Climate Solutions’ annual fundraising breakfast in Seattle. Last year featured one of my all-time heroes Van Jones and this year Bill Gates showed up. I enjoyed the seated conversation style approach—Excel inventor and Climate Solutions board member Jabe Blumenthal interviewed Gates—although I was left wondering what else Gates didn’t get to say since it wasn’t a fully formed talk. But all in all, it was fun to hear him call out the U.S. government for underfunding energy and climate change R&D. Gates is clearly investing in various energy solutions and the NY Times has a good write-up here about his approach. And he seems jazzed about the actual science. So go big, Bill. Bring us home some winners. For the future, that is.

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