Sustainability strategy for the built environment


for the built environment


Jared helps mission-driven organizations scale their impact and create sustainable businesses. He does this on two paths:

Externally facing through business development strategy

  • Evaluate current and new offerings

  • Find new clients and develop strategic relationships

  • Identify new opportunities and trends to leverage

Internally focused with Jared in a Chief of Staff role

  • Coordinate operations and special projects

  • Strategic planning

  • Liaison between departments, teams and subcontractors

Jared’s story


Clients think of Jared as a general contractor for sustainability efforts. Like the best traditional GCs, he coordinates projects, solves problems, and is a friendly partner who leverages his extensive network. Pairing big-picture strategy with detailed research and logistics, Jared focuses on human systems within the built environment.

Jared is a trusted advisor who delivers successful sustainability programs and business development for mission-aligned organizations. These clients want to protect the environment through smart business strategy. Jared is often on the case to optimize building energy performance, but this sustainability work can take many forms—from healthy materials to electric vehicles to smart building technologies.

Jared has collected nearly two decades of sustainability knowledge, and coordinates technical experts to deliver transformative, high performance initiatives. He excels at the intersection of the technical and non-technical, and is adept at balancing triple bottom line priorities. As an advocate for change, Jared instills confidence, mitigates risk, and accelerates impact.

Jared is passionate about solving the climate change crisis, especially with systems that can scale impact. He believes that creative solutions can pay it forward to future generations while paying for business today.


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Jared is naturally an innovator, a listener, and a synthesizer. He’s somebody that I want to collaborate with. And you get more than just one person; you get a network and years of knowledge.
Jared is effective in relationships and making things happen on a personal and organizational level. He’s been effective at figuring out where the buttons are in order to make behavior change happen. He plays well with others and brings a pretty powerful package.
Jared has a certain emotional maturity and ability to read the room. He’s a good team player, so he works well with others both up and down the authority chain, and is able to articulate value at many levels.